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Category: Deferred Annuities

Napa Financial Elder Abuse Attorney: Real Economic Injury To Seniors In Deferred Annuities

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER The Adverse Impact Of Certain Annuities Fees And Zero Returns In Rising Markets Penalties On Exiting Policies Annuities are complicated investments. Some bear complex qualities of both insurance and securities products. Annuities can be structured as deferred or immediate.  Deferred annuities can be variable or fixed, or a […]

Jul 23, 2021 - Annuities by |

San Francisco And Santa Clara County Financial Elder Abuse Attorney: Senior Consumers And Fixed Indexed Annuities

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Looking Through The Sales Hype Fixed Indexed Annuities Are Costly And Complex Replacing Existing Policies Can Be A Big Mistake Agents sell fixed indexed annuities as a “safe” investment in times of market volatility.  Evans Law Firm, Inc. recommends against deferred annuities, including fixed indexed annuities, for older […]

Jul 14, 2021 - Annuities by |

San Francisco and Alameda County Annuity And Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys: Why Deferred Annuities Are A Bad Idea For Seniors

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Resist Fear Tactics Used To Sell Annuities Sales Commissions Drive The Annuity Industry Consider Other Tax-Deferred Strategies Deferring taxes on retirement savings is a key part of any retirements planning. Tax deferrals can be achieved through direct investment of IRAs or 401ks in mutual funds or ETFs. We […]

California And San Francisco Financial Elder Abuse Attorney: What Seniors Should Know About Universal Life Insurance Policies

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Understand The Costs And Complexity Of Universal Life Insurance Premium Payments Continue Until Death Investment Risks And Caps On Growth Indexed Universal Life Insurance is a complicated life insurance product often sold by insurance agents as a retirement savings or estate planning investment. Agents sell universal life policies […]

Jul 8, 2021 - Annuities by |

Los Angeles and Orange County Annuity And Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys: Annuities: Complex And Costly To Exit

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Annuities Are Complicated Insurance Policies  Disadvantages For Seniors Understand How Annuities Work Before You Are Sold One Evans Law Firm, Inc. recommends seniors avoid deferred annuities because these insurance contracts are costly and complicated and expensive to get out of once you are in one.  Tax deferrals can […]

California and Marin County Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys: How Seniors Can Lose On Deferred Annuities

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Annuities Are Expensive, Complicated Insurance Policies  Agents Earn High Commissions On Your Premium Dollars Surrender Penalties Make Getting Out Costly Fear tactics are one way insurance agents use to sell annuities. Print and radio ads may warn senior readers or audiences about the perils of the stock market […]

California and Marin County Annuity And Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys: High Sales Commissions On Annuities And Other Risky Investments

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Agents Earn High Commissions On Deferred Annuity Sales The Riskier The Investment The Higher The Commission Commissions Versus Fee-Based Advice Risky investments like fixed indexed and variable annuities, non-traded REITs (real estate investment funds), and private placements typically pay out high commissions – some as high as 10% […]

Los Angeles Annuity and Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys: Seniors Should Understand Annuities Before They’re Sold One

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Long-Term Insurance Policies  Pressure Sales Tactics High Commissions, Hidden Fees And Surrender Penalties  All deferred annuities are complicated and risky, indexed annuities are particularly complex and full of risk.  These complications and risks are especially dangerous for seniors; if a policyholder needs his or her money back for […]

Jun 21, 2021 - Annuities by |

California and Los Angeles Financial Elder Abuse Attorney: Unsuitable Annuities Sold To Older Consumers

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Disadvantages of Deferred Annuities High Pressure Sales And Other Questionable Practices Replacements And Exchanges Particularly Disadvantageous Deferred annuities present real, potential problems for seniors through contract costs and especially the surrender penalties incurred when the policyholder wants to take his or her money out. When selling annuities to […]

San Francisco Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys: Dangers of Fixed Indexed Annuities For Seniors

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Understand How Complex Deferred Annuities Are Fixed Indexed Annuities Are Particularly Complex Avoid Suggestions To Replace Existing Annuities Sales of any kind of insurance product generate commissions for insurance agents.  Deferred annuities generate commissions as high as 10% so they are a favorite insurance product for agents to […]

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