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San Francisco Insurance Attorney: Whole Life Insurance


Whole Life Insurance and Retirement

As the Baby Boomer generation starts reaching retirement age, insurance and annuity brokers are gearing up their sales to seniors and the elderly. Ads, mailers, and aggressive sales practices have helped convince a large portion of the senior population that their savings aren’t safe unless their invested in financial products. As money flows into the insurance industry, a wide variety of new and exotic products have started to spring up. Hybrid, indexed, variable, and other varieties of insurance and annuities have started to become substantial revenue sources for insurance companies. Many of these types of policies advertise increased income, flexibility, and security for seniors; in fact, they often sacrifice the wellbeing of their clients to increase income for the company.

One of the insurance products that companies often promotes as being the best choice for seniors is whole life insurance. While the product itself doesn’t sound particularly objectionable, it is actually a far more expensive alternative to term life policies, which offer the same coverage for as little as 1/10 the cost of an equivalent whole life policy. The other supposed advantage of whole life policies is that they supposedly accumulate a “cash value,” and some financial advisors use this to sell whole life policies as investments. However, our San Francisco insurance attorneys have seen many evaluations of whole life as an investment that indicate that it is a remarkably poor choice, as it has a very low interest rate, very high management costs, and requires a substantial income to keep paying the premiums.

Often, whole life policies ae sold by downplaying the cost and trying to convince potential clients to view it as a bank account that also happens to have an insurance component. When seniors who have been sold this bill of goods actually sign the contract, however, they often find that the whole life policy is much more of a drain on their resources than they were led to believe. If they try to surrender the policies, however, they often find that they’ve triggered a new round of costs and fees, and may have trouble holding onto any of the “cash value” that they’ve accumulated.

Some of the major annuity and life insurance providers are:

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