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Apr 24, 2019 by |

San Francisco and California Securities Fraud and Whistleblower Attorney: Ponzi Schemes


New Ponzi Schemes

Years after the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme was discovered, such fraudulent pyramid schemes are very much still around. And some go on as long as Madoff’s.  In a complaint filed last week against broker dealer Securities America, one family of victims alleges a Securities America broker took over $18 million from them in a 17 year-long Ponzi scheme.[1] The family alleges that Securities America failed to supervise the broker properly and ignored “stark red flags” that would have exposed the scheme 16 years ago had the employer been watching.  The California securities fraud attorneys at Evans Law Firm, Inc. can represent you if you lose money in a Ponzi scheme or as the result of annuity fraud, insider trading, securities misrepresentations or nondisclosures, accounting fraud or any other type of securities fraud here in California.  If you have, call our lawyers today at (415)441-8669. 

Fraud victims can pursue remedies under federal and State securities laws and insiders (or others) with original, credible information of securities fraud may be in a position to bring a whistleblower case on the fraud before the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Our whistleblower attorneys handle those types of cases as well.  The SEC rewards whistleblowers with up to 30% of monies recovered from wrongdoers, including by penalties, fines, and forfeitures.  It pays to blow the whistle on fraud.

SEC Whistleblower Program

In order to obtain a reward, whistleblower information of fraud must be original and cannot be derived from publicly available sources. Insiders are those most likely to have original information of securities fraud and a whistleblower who provides information to the SEC cannot be discharged, demoted, suspended, or threatened by an employer.  Anti-retaliation protection is a critical component of the SEC Whistleblower Program according to Jane Norberg, who heads the SEC whistleblower office.  Our lawyers can represent you in your whistleblower application as well as in any lawsuit against your employer for retaliation.

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Our California whistleblower attorneys handle all types of whistleblower cases. If you or someone you love has information regarding a whistleblower/qui tam case in San Francisco or elsewhere in California involving the Securities and Exchange Commission Whistleblower Program, False Claims Act cases, the Internal Revenue Service Whistleblower Office, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Whistleblower Office, the FINRA Whistleblower Office or other illegal activity, contact Ingrid M. Evans and the other California whistleblower attorneys at Evans Law Firm at (415) 441-8669, or by email at <a href=””></a>. Our attorneys also have experience with complex financial contracts and large insurance companies.  We can help guide your case through filing a complaint, investigation and discovery through trial or an equitable settlement.  We also handle cases involving physical and financial elder abuse, nursing home abuse, whole life insurance and universal life insurance, and indexed, variable, and fixed annuities.

[1] Evans Law Firm, Inc. was not involved in the case in any way.

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