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Marin Insurance Fraud Attorney: Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policies


Why You Should Think Twice about Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Equity Indexed Universal Life Policies

Chances are, if you haven’t already, you may well hear in 2017 from a life insurance agent selling indexed life insurance, whether you live in Marin County or not. That is, life insurance where the death benefit (and accruing value) is tied to a market index. He might say something like, “The Dow’s hit sixteen historic highs since the 2016 Presidential election! It’s a great time to get in via your life insurance plan and watch your policy value grow!” Better advice is: it’s a great time to be careful!

The Problems with Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Indexed universal life insurance has, frankly, always been sold with tantalizing return expectations. And, yes, over time, the stock market has been a winner. But that’s far from the full picture when it comes to indexed life insurance. Commissions, custodial and management fees, withdrawal penalties, liquidation charges, advisory and fund fees all may be buried in the fine print and can significantly erode, if not wipe out, the rosiest of returns. And those expenses are in addition to the normal risk factor of stock market investing. Equity investing is ALWAYS risky and a limited performance record doesn’t mean a thing. We all know how easily records can be rigged just by tweaking start and finish dates. Not to
The premiums on universal policies are high and represent a really large commitment of assets. A really large ANNUAL commitment. And that commitment remains (and increases as the insured ages) whether or not the return is as promised. You might easily find yourself, with a very real case of throwing good money after bad. The policies are in the early years particularly virtually illiquid – you cannot get out without losing a ton of money. This is so because in the first year or two your premium payments go almost entirely to commissions. Market risk and fees hold you in a double bind: the upside may be devoured by fees and the downside…well, you’re on your own. And the fees still have to be paid first. Bottom line: please be wary of indexed universal life as the below piece examines in detail.

The Bottom Line

At Evans Law Firm, we have seen these types of policies prove to be very damaging and misleading. We are hopeful that potential investors in these products understand the possible risks associated with the purchase.

Some of the major whole life insurance providers in California are:

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