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Police Involved in Financial Elder Abuse Case in Los Gatos


Financial elder abuse – The Los Gatos police department recently took a report from an elderly victim of a sweepstakes scam.  The elderly victim was allegedly defrauded out of large sums of money by suspects whose identities are unknown at this time.  The elderly victim reported being defrauded for a period of approximately two years.  California financial elder abuse attorneys remind the public that scammers often target senior citizens.

In this case, the perpetrators defrauded the elderly victim by posing as a sweepstakes corporation.  They convinced the victim to send large sums of money out of the country by wire transfer.  The elderly victim was told that he would have monetary gains from transferring the money.  It turned out that the sweepstakes was a scam and the victim is out the money.  The Los Gatos police were called just a few weeks ago, after a large sum of money was lost.  California financial elder abuse attorneys warn senior citizens that these types of sweepstakes are usually scams and to be very wary about wire transfers.

Senior citizens should be wary of fraud schemes because they are often targeted by scammers.  There are numerous reasons that elderly victims are targeted.  On reason is that seniors are more likely than others to own their home, and to have excellent credit.  Those things make them ripe targets for perpetrators of fraud.  Also, people who grew up in the years 1930-1950 in general were raised to be polite and trusting.  Scammers exploit that quality.  Seniors are less likely to report fraud because they are ashamed of being defrauded, or they do not know who to report to.  Elderly victims often make poor witnesses in court because some of them have memory loss issues.  They may not be able to recollect exact details regarding the fraud.  Perpetrators count on that and use it to their advantage.  Seniors are often interested in products promising increased cognitive functioning, virility, and anti-cancer properties.  Due to the advanced nature of modern medicine, some fraudulent claims are not so hard to believe; and scammers take advantage of that.  California financial elder abuse attorneys warn senior citizens that scammers try to take advantage of their perceived weaknesses.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, it is very difficult to get your money back if you have been defrauded by telephone.  Some simple tips can help senior citizens avoid becoming victims of fraud.  Don’t buy from a company that you are not familiar with.  Always ask for written material about any offer or charity.  If you get brochures regarding costly investments, ask your financial advisor or someone you trust to review the material before sending any money.  Always check out businesses you are not familiar with through local consumer protection agencies or the Better Business Bureau.  Obtain the name, business identity, telephone number, street address, mailing address and business license number before doing business with a new company.  Verify the accuracy of the information you are given.  Do not pay in advance for services. Be wary of companies that want to send a messenger to your door to collect money while telling you that it is part of their service.  In those cases, they are taking your money without leaving any trace of who they are or where they can be reached.  Be sure to discuss big investments offered by telephone with a trusted friend or family member. Be aware that your personal information is often sold to telemarketers through third parties.

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