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Alameda annuity fraud attorney: Variable Annuities


Understanding the details of Variable Annuities

Variable annuities, considered by some financial advisors to be among the most complicated and least understood product of its kinds, have come under increased scrutiny in 2016, as FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, has declared its intention to investigate them more fully. They claim that a disproportionate amount of the complaints they get are related to variable annuities, an issue they hope to fix. Variable annuities are intended to provide a lifetime source of income, but to make up for this potential expense, annuity companies have other methods to create revenue from the policies.

Variable annuities, and other such complicated financial products, have a bad reputation among fiduciaries, for a number of reasons. For one, although clients may not realize it, they are paying a sizeable commission to their broker, a cost that is hidden within a bulk charge. In fact, annuity companies often pay the largest commissions for variable annuities, which earn them the most money, and may provide other incentives, such a parties, sports tickets, or trophies to brokers that sells large amounts of variable annuities.

Secondly, since the products are so complex, it is often the case that the broker selling them can’t understand or explain the policy themselves, making it incredibly unlikely that their client will know exactly what they’re spending their money on. This is concerning for any product, but moreso when dealing with financial products that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In a recent enforcement action against Metlife, FINRA determined that in excess of 70% of variable annuities that were issued as replacements were sold in a misleading way, either by omitting or altering the pacts of the policy. This accounted for over 20,000 policies, and that’s just for one company. Across the entire industry, it’s hard to estimate exactly how many variable annuity policyholders have contracts that aren’t what they think, or which aren’t suited to their financial needs.

Some of the major annuity and life insurance providers are:

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