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Monthly Archives: May 2023

San Mateo County Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys: Financial Elder Abuse By Misuse Of Financial Powers Of Attorney

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Financial Powers Of Attorney Grant Broad Authority Potential For Misuse Of Power Always Exists How Powers Of Attorney Are Misuse Financial powers of Attorney (POAs) are important and powerful legal documents that grant the agent appointed under the POA full legal authority to act for the principal who […]

Marin Financial Elder Abuse Attorney: Senior Living Community Residents Can Be Victims Of Financial Elder Abuse By Staff

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Theft Of Jewelry And Cash From Rooms Authorities Recover Some Pawned Items Suspect Allegedly Stole From Room To Room Residents of senior living communities, assisted care facilities, group homes and skilled nursing facilities are vulnerable to financial elder abuse just like those seniors who live in their homes […]

Orange County Financial Elder Abuse Attorney: Caregivers Arrested For Unauthorized Purchases On Elderly Patients’ Credit Cards

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Alleged Caregiver Theft From Assisted Care Facility Residents One Victim’s Family Discovers Suspicious Charges $16,000 In Unauthorized Charges According To Police Whenever a dishonest caregiver or other stranger enters a senior’s home or a senior’s room in any sort of care facility, any credit and debit cards and […]

Alameda County Financial Elder Abuse Attorney: Caregiver Pleads Guilty To Theft From Dependent Adult

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Former Caregiver Allegedly Stole Bank Cards And Credit Cards 71-Year-Old Victim Caregiver’s Husband Also Arrested Cash, checks, credit cards, ATM cards, jewelry and other valuables within reach of a dishonest stranger or caregiver in a senior’s home can disappear quickly.  In fact, every time a stranger or caregiver […]

San Francisco Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys: Money Manager Admits To Stealing Elderly Couple’s Life Savings

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Investment Advisor Knew Seniors For Many Years False Promises Of Investment Opportunities Elderly Couple Lose Entire Life Savings While often the financial predators of seniors are newcomers in their lives or even total strangers, seniors may also be victims of financial elder abuse from those the senior has […]

Marin County Financial Elder Abuse Attorney: Caregivers Charged With Fraud Against Elderly Patients

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Two Caregivers Charged With Unauthorized Use Of ATM And Debit Cards Separate Cases With Similar Facts Of Financial Elder Abuse How To Protect Older Loved Ones Unauthorized ATM cash withdrawals and use of credit and debit cards is a prevalent form of financial elder abuse of the elderly.  […]

Marin Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys: Financial Power Of Attorney Abuse and Fraud Against Seniors

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Broad Authority Under Financial Powers of Authority How POA Authority Is Misused Remedies For Injured Seniors Financial powers of attorney (POAs) grant full authority over a person’s financial affairs, and medical powers of attorney, known in California as an Advance Health Care Directives (AHCDs), grant authority over medical […]

Los Angeles Financial Elder Abuse Attorney: Caregiver Sentenced For Stealing From Elderly Patient

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Plead Guilty To Falsifying Paychecks and Timecards Sentenced To Five-Years Probation And Restitution Pursuing Civil Remedies Cash, checks and credit cards can disappear quickly whenever a dishonest stranger or caregiver enters an elderly person’s home.  It may be a one-time theft or a more sustained theft through writing […]

May 2, 2023 - Annuities by |

San Francisco Financial Elder Abuse And Annuity Attorney: Disadvantages Of Deferred Annuities For Older Consumers

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Expenses And Fees Exceed Mutual Fund And 401k Plan Charges Costly To Exit Due To Withdrawal Penalties Annuities Are Not Insured Like Bank Deposits Evans Law Firm, Inc. generally recommends against certain types of deferred annuities for older consumers because these complex, expensive insurance policies may tie up […]

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