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San Francisco County and California Life Insurance Attorney: Funeral and Burial Insurance


Burial Insurance and Life Insurance

Americans spend over $800 billion per year on life insurance and funeral and burial insurance. Burial policies are a fraction of the total premium volume. Burial policies are like small whole life policies without the lifetime/cash value upside. Limits (typically $5000-25,000) and premiums are relatively low (unlike whole life), and both kinds of policies are supposed to accrue value. But you cannot access the cash value in a burial policy or borrow against it or ever withdraw it; coverage is limited to direct payment of funeral and burial expenses. Agents still sell burial policies and use the occasion to introduce other, much more expensive coverage. Be very careful, particularly if you are a senior. We at Evans Law Firm have years of experience with life insurance and insurance agents. We believe burial insurance is a scam and the policies not worth the money. Please read on and be informed. If you have been caught in a burial insurance scam or suffered a loss as a result of an unsuitable annuity or life insurance policy, please call the Evans Law Firm today at (415)441-8669 and we can help. We represent clients in California.

Avoiding the Scams

Unscrupulous agents prey especially on seniors. We’ve seen seniors incur big losses on annuities and other insurance they never wanted to buy in the first place! Often seniors are victims of a bait and switch that starts with a flier or free dinner touting some inexpensive insurance product, like a nominal burial policy. In step two, they find themselves hit with a high-pressure sales talk about some “hot” new investment in annuities or life insurance that comes with a huge premium. And a huge upfront sales commission for the agent. Seniors who began by only wanting to a cheap burial policy find themselves with much, much more and all of it unsuitable – and expensive. They are the victims of financial elder abuse.

Evans Law Firm Can Help

Fortunately, California offers victims of such financial elder abuse substantial protections and additional remedies against the wrongdoers. We at Evans Law Firm have years of experience fighting against financial exploitation of seniors. We have seen and investigated the scams they fall victim to and know how best to seek legal redress on the senior’s behalf. We also want to help you avoid the scams out there. An unsolicited flier about cheap burial insurance may be a red flag to just such a scam. Be careful. Refrain from inviting any presenter into your home. Always have a friend or loved one with you when you listen to any financial presentation. And – please – never sign anything until you’ve consulted a third-party professional and your tax advisor. If it’s too late and you’ve suffered a financial loss from any kind of scam, including a burial insurance scam, call us at Evans Law Firm today (415)441-8669 and perhaps we can help. We can evaluate your burial policy at no cost if you believe that you or a loved one were victims of a scam in the State of California

Contact Us

If you or a loved one been the victim of financial loss related to a burial insurance scam or whole life insurance or annuity policies, in San Francisco County, or in any California county, contact the Evans Law Firm annuity and insurance attorneys at (415) 441-8669, or by email at Our attorneys have experience with complex financial contracts and large insurance companies. We can help guide your case through a FINRA arbitration, jury trial or toward an equitable settlement. We handle cases involving physical and financial elder abuse, qui tam and whistleblower law, nursing home abuse, whole life insurance and universal life insurance, and indexed, variable, and fixed annuities.

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