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Category: Deferred Annuities

Los Angeles and Orange County Financial Elder Abuse Attorney: Older Consumers And Deferred Annuities

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Deferred Annuities Not A Prudent Investment For Seniors Dangers In The Details Beware Of High Surrender Charges Deferred annuities come in various forms, but insurance agents target senior consumers with one type of deferred annuity in particular known as the fixed indexed annuity (FIAs) marketed under different trade […]

May 10, 2021 - Annuities by |

Los Angeles and Orange County Financial Elder Abuse and Annuity Attorneys: What Are Buffer Annuities And How Do They Work?

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Buffer Annuities Are A Type of Variable Annuity Similarities To Indexed Annuities Caps And Participation Rates Limit Returns All deferred annuities are complex insurance products, and we recommend against them for senior consumers particularly.  Deferred annuities are sold by agents in three general categories: fixed, indexed, and variable.  […]

Marin County Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys: Fixed Indexed Annuities And Unsuitable Insurance Products For Older Consumers

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Agents Oversimplify How Deferred Annuities Work The Dangers For Seniors Are In The Details Exchanging Existing Annuities Can Be Very Costly Deferred annuities come in various forms, but one of the products insurance agents promote for seniors are fixed indexed annuities (FIAs).  Agents sell FIAs to seniors in […]

Santa Cruz County Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys: Disadvantages of Fixed Indexed Annuities For Santa Cruz Seniors

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Avoid The Hype On Fixed Indexed Annuities Complex Insurance Products With High Commissions And Fees Replacement Transactions Especially Risky And Costly COVID-19 has created serious uncertainty in markets and left many investors jittery about the country’s economic future and the performance of markets in the years ahead climbing […]

Mar 26, 2021 - Annuities by |

Santa Clara County Financial Elder Abuse Attorney: What Senior Consumers Need To Know About Indexed Annuities

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Reading Between The Lines On Complex Contracts Return Calculations, Caps, Fees, And Penalties Research Before You Buy The Santa Clara financial elder abuse attorneys at Evans Law Firm, Inc. advise against deferred annuities for senior consumers because our litigators have seen too many older persons economically harmed by […]

Contra Costa County and California Annuity and Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys: Study The Disadvantages Of Annuities Before You Buy

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Deferred Annuities Are Expensive, Complicated Insurance Policies Hidden Dangers For Seniors Especially Penalties For Getting Out Of An Annuity Deferred annuities are contracts between you and an insurance company. You pay for the annuity through a lump sum or payments over time, and at some future date the […]

Mar 12, 2021 - Annuities by |

Los Angeles Annuity and Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys: Unsuitable Annuities And Questionable Sales Tactics

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Financial Elder Abuse In Insurance Sales Sales Tactics And Insurance Contracts As Forms Of Financial Elder Abuse Disastrous Replacement Transactions Financial elder abuse comes in various forms and from different sources.  One of the most pernicious and financially disastrous can be in the form of unsuitable insurance products, […]

Napa County and California Annuity and Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys: How Agents Target Seniors For Unsuitable Deferred Annuities And Replacement Transactions

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Carriers Pay Large Commissions On Annuity Sales High-Pressure Sales Tactics And Anxiety About The Economy Dangers In Replacing Existing Contracts Financial advisors and insurance agents often capitalize on the anxiety older persons have about the economy and whether they will have enough money to live on in the […]

Feb 24, 2021 - Annuities Fraud by |

Marin County and California Annuity and Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys: Beware High-Pressure Sales Tactics For Deferred Annuities

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Free Lunch Seminars and Ads Push “Financial Strategies” If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Usually Is Take Your Time and Do Your Homework Older adults are too often the targets of annuity salespeople intent on earning a sales commission.  Sales tactics include free lunch or […]

San Mateo County and California Annuity and Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys: Insurance Agents Targeting Seniors For Unsuitable Insurance Products

ATTORNEY NEWSLETTER Unscrupulous Agents Earn Commissions On Unsuitable Products Misrepresentations And High-Pressured Sales Tactics Evans Law Firm Represents Financial Elder Abuse Victims Financial elder abuse is the most common form of elder abuse in the United States; elder advocacy groups estimate that there are five million cases of financial elder […]

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