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May 22, 2015 by |

California Elder Abuse Attorneys Warn About Common Scams


California elder abuse attorneys warn that senior citizens are often the target of scammers, and urge senior citizens to be cautious. Senior citizens are often targets, as they are viewed as trusting and may be isolated from other people.

Common scams include:
-IRS phone call- This is most common during tax season. A caller will claim to be from the IRS and tell the potential victim that they owe taxes, and that they must pay immediately or risk arrest.
-Credit card fraud- A caller will claim to represent the security department of your credit card company, and say that there is suspicious activity on the credit card. They will then ask for the security code on the card, claiming that they need it to verify you have the card. They likely already have the rest of the card information, and need only this security code to complete it.
-Magazine scams- Someone will claim to be selling magazines as a charity fundraiser, and offer prices 3-4 times higher than normal magazine subscription prices. Although they take your money, no magazines ever arrive.
-Dent repair- Scammers will approach people in busy parking lots, offering to fix dents and scratches on their car. They put green gunk on the vehicle, and tell the victim that the dents will be gone within 24 hours, but it doesn’t actually work.

California elder abuse attorneys offer some tips to avoid becoming victimized by a scam. They recommend screening phone calls, and never giving money to someone who demands it right away. They also note that in the case of the IRS scam, the IRS always communicates via certified mail, not by phone or email. If someone is claiming to be from a particular company, you should hang up and contact the company’s customer service number to be sure that the call is legitimate.

Staying connected to neighbors and active in the community is also a good way for senior citizens to remain informed. Seniors should never talk on the phone, or answer the door for, someone they do not know.

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