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Marin County Caregiver Fraud

Caregiver fraud happens when a senior citizen, or other dependent adult is taken advantage of by the person who provides personal services.  A caregiver is a person who provides care for a senior citizen or dependent adult who can’t take care of him or herself. Caregivers help the senior citizen or dependent adult with activities in daily life.  Marin County caregiver fraud occurs in Marin County.

Caregiver fraud has many forms:  physical harm or suffering, endangering of health or body, theft, embezzlement, forgery, fraud, and identity theft. A paid or unpaid caregiver can be guilty of caregiver fraud.  Marin County caregiver fraud is perpetrated by both licensed caregivers and individuals who deceptively claim to be caretakers. Recent instances of caregiver fraud in Marin County and across the nation have ranged from theft of personal property of senior citizens to posing as medical practitioners and charging inflated fees for services never provided.

Those Who Are At Risk of Caregiver Fraud in Marin County?

Elder citizens, the infirm, and physically disabled members of the population in Marin County make up the majority of those who are consumers of caregiving services. People who have the most needs tend to be the ones that become victims of caregiver fraud. Unethical caregivers take advantage of weaknesses to enter the life of the senior citizen and steal from the elder for their own personal gain.

Abuse of trust and vulnerability of the elder or dependent are ingredients for caregiver fraud. Because of the nature of providing personal care, the caregiver usually can gain access to much of the elder’s personal and financial information. Once the relationship has commenced, the caregiver can sometimes gain access to the senior’s personal and financial accounts and records. Allowing a caregiver unlimited access to personal information puts an elder at risk of caregiver fraud in Marin County.

Symptoms of Financial Caregiver Fraud in Marin County

The following behaviors are potential indicators of caregiver fraud.

  • Providing financial advice to the elder
  • Seeking “power of attorney” privileges
  • Unusual interest in the senior’s will, real estate, investments, or other financial accounts
  • Hiding documents and mail from the senior and senior’s family
  • Aiming to prevent the elder from speaking to people
  • Put forward ideas about medical or other insurance purchases on behalf of the elder

Three Types of Common Financial Caregiver Fraud

  • Identity Theft
  • Property Theft
  • Financial Theft, Forgery and Embezzlement

What to do if You Suspect Caregiver Fraud

Calling the police is the first thing you should do if you suspect caregiver fraud.  Seniors do not like to report caregiver fraud because of shame, doubt, or other considerations. This disinclination to reveal potential fraud allows the caregiver to continue their activities.

Call your local police nonemergency line to report any thefts of money, property, or goods. Police should come in person to take the report.

Contact local senior legal assistance programs. Reporting financial fraud against the elderly is the most effective way of preventing further damage.

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