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California Insurance Frauds Prevention Act

The California Insurance Frauds Prevention Act is codified in section 1871 et seq. of the California Insurance Code. This Act, among other things, provides incentives for whistleblowers who know of insurance fraud to come forward and report wrongdoing.  In order to reward whistleblowers who provide help in stopping fraud, those who are able to successfully sue fraudulent actors will be able to keep a portion of the money that was recovered in a fraud claim.

If you know of insurance fraud, it is vital that you understand how to take action to make a fraud claim and obtain your financial reward that is available to you under the Act. You should consult with a whistleblower attorney at Evans Law to learn more about what steps you should take. Our firm is experienced with all types of whistleblower cases and we will help you to work within the law to stop the fraudulent behavior and obtain a generous financial reward for doing so. Give us a call today to find out more.

Making a Claim Under the California Insurance Frauds Prevention Act

The California Insurance Frauds Prevention Act allows you to file a lawsuit when you suspect insurance fraud. The claims you can make under this Act are similar to cases called qui tam claims, which are legal actions initiated under the federal False Claims Act in cases of fraud against the government. However, one key difference is that you can take legal action and sue for suspected insurance fraud even in circumstances where the government has not suffered harm.

Because insurance fraud impacts everyone in California – since insurers often must raise policy premiums because of costs associated with fraud – you can sue for suspected fraud on behalf of everyone who has been harmed by the fraud, as well as on behalf of the state.

It is possible to make a claim under the California Insurance Frauds Prevention Act for many different kinds of unethical and illegal fraudulent behaviors, ranging from care providers who pay illegal kickbacks to recruit patients to over-billing insurance companies to billing for services not provided.  You can make claims associated with all different kinds of insurance policies, including claims when auto or health insurers are being defrauded as well as claims when workers’ compensation insurers are defrauded by companies who don’t disclose the true number of employees on the payroll.

When you make your claim, the state will have 60 days to decide if they want to intervene or not, although this deadline can be extended. If the state does not intervene, then you will have to move forward with the case on your own if you wish to see if you can get a judgement in court that fraud occurred or if you believe that the alleged fraudster will settle the allegations.

Whether the state intervenes or not, you will get a portion of any money recovered through either a settlement or a court judgement. The portion of the money that you receive will vary depending upon whether you proceed with the case on your own, whether the state intervenes, or whether the court determines the case was primarily based on publicly-available information.

A whistleblower attorney at Evans Law Firm can assist you in determining if you may have a good claim to bring under the California Insurance Frauds Prevention Act and will help you with the process of filing a lawsuit against a suspected fraudster so you can reap the financial rewards of bringing fraud to light — and stop the fraudulent behavior from causing losses to consumers in the state of California. Contact our office for help today.

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