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What is Consumer Fraud?

Consumer fraud is a major problem in the United States and it can affect people of all ages.  Many different kinds of fraud occur, including frauds perpetrated by financial institutions.   Whenever individuals or businesses engage in the use of deceptive practices and cause financial losses, or put consumers at risk of financial or other losses, these deceptive practices can be classified as consumer fraud.

San Francisco securities fraud lawyers can help those harmed by many different types of consumer fraud. Some of the most common types of fraud cases that attorneys handle involve fraud in connection with investment products as well as frauds perpetrated against seniors.  Evans Law Firm, Inc. is a trusted fraud law firm that provides representation to vulnerable California seniors who were victims of fraud, especially in circumstances where those seniors faced losses because of people and companies that they should have been able to trust.

If you live in California and suspect you may have been the victim of consumer fraud, our compassionate and knowledgeable legal team wants to hear from you. We can assist you in determining if you were victimized by bad business practices and we can help you to hold financial institutions, insurers, and insurance agents accountable for the damages done to you as a result of fraud.  You should give us a call as soon as possible to speak with our San Francisco securities fraud lawyers so you can find out more about how our firm can help you.

Understanding Consumer Fraud

Companies, unfortunately, defraud consumers in many different ways — and seniors are a prime target for fraud because of the fact that they may be more vulnerable than younger consumers.  Seniors are vulnerable because they often face money worries when they reach or approach retirement and they may be susceptible to scams that falsely promise to ease financial concerns. Older individuals may also run behind on the latest technological changes and may experience physical and cognitive decline as they age, which increases their susceptibility to scams.

It is not just small-time con artists who prey upon seniors and who cause them to become common victims of consumer fraud. Some of the largest insurance companies in the country have been implicated in fraud schemes against seniors. Many insurers either marketed improper financial products to seniors; made false promise about investment returns; unfairly changed insurance policy terms; or otherwise caused seniors to suffer financial loss due to material misrepresentations or misstatements of key facts. 

If you believe you were the victim of consumer fraud, you should reach out to a San Francisco securities fraud lawyer as soon as possible. Evans Law Firm can provide guidance on what you can do if an insurer or insurance agent defrauded you, and we can also help with certain other types of fraud claims — especially if fraud occurred as part of a pattern of elder abuse. To find out more about how our legal team can represent your interests if you suffered losses because of fraud, give us a call at 415-441-8669 today.

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