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Seniors Beware: Here’s What You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

Many people going away on vacation are concerned about the potential that an illness, injury, or other unexpected life event will interfere with the ability to go on their planned trip. This is an especially big issue for seniors who often face more unexpected health events than younger travelers and who may not have the funds to waste on a trip that cannot happen. Travel insurance providers, including Allianz, Travelex, and AIG, often market their products aggressively, with dire warnings about losses from cancelled trips and with promises to provide financial protection.

Unfortunately, when a trip cancellation occurs and policyholders attempt to make claims, these and other insurers may look for excuses to deny coverage and not pay as promised. Seniors and others who have purchased travel insurance could find themselves not only out the money they wasted on the policies they purchased but also with no recovery for the lost funds they spent for the trip. Those who are affected financially by this dishonest business practice need to understand what their rights and options are. A California financial elder abuse attorney should be consulted to provide assistance in pursuing claims and in taking legal action against insurers who abuse the trust of their policyholders.

Travel Insurance: Is it a Scam or a Smart Purchase?

Travel insurers use a wide variety of different tactics to avoid paying out claims when policyholders have to cancel trips. Insurers may claim the weather wasn’t bad enough to cancel the trip, that medical issues are not serious enough to warrant a trip cancellation or even that a medical condition was pre-existing and thus not covered. Travel insurers also use deceptive and misleading policy contracts to provide only partial coverage, such as denying refunds on premiums paid for post-departure policies when policyholders never end up going on a trip in the first place.

Because travel insurance often has hidden exclusions in the fine print, the purchase of policies may not always be advisable. Travel insurers often partner with trusted companies or travel agencies whose names lend credence to policies and who make it seem like a smart choice to buy coverage to protect against not only cancellations but also issues, like lost luggage. Travelers need to ensure they do careful research and weigh the pros and cons of these policies before purchasing.

When it comes time for claims to be made, policyholders must also be aware not only of attempts to deny coverage, but also of attempts to pay out only a small part of the money actually lost. If you find yourself dealing with an insurer who is not providing the promised benefits, you should not just write off the incident as a financial loss.

It is important to hold insurers accountable both for your own financial stability and so insurers are deterred from continued abusive business practices in the future. A financial elder abuse attorney in California can help seniors and policyholders of all ages who purchased travel insurance and have discovered a policy is not all it was promised to be. The attorneys at the Evans Law Firm, lnc. are available to help. Contact us online at info@evanslaw.com or by phone at 415-441-8669 or toll free at 888-503-8267.

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