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Marin County Elder Abuse Law Firm

As the population of people aged 65 and older increases across the country, many older people are flocking to California to soak up the benefits of West Coast living—sunshine, blue skies, and a plethora of options for lifestyles ranging from retirement communities to long-term care facilities such as nursing homes (skilled nursing) and assisted living facilities (or residential care facilities). But unfortunately, with the general age increase, Marin County elder abuse law firms see a lot of abuse cases, both physical and financial, that threaten elderly Californians.

Elder abuse can take many forms, and even one instance is enough to damage an older person’s lifestyle, health, and emotional or financial stability. Nursing homes are supposed to provide care and support when you and your family members need it most, especially when it becomes hard for an older person to live on his or her own. But these facilities are also huge offenders when it comes to complying with California’s standards of care and quality for older residents, resulting in sexual, physical, verbal, bedsore/pressure ulcers (stage four) or emotional abuse cases. Currently there is a law that is pending that if enacted would create a Bill of Rights for elders living in assisted living facilities.

Financial abuse is especially prevalent in today’s world, with scams and fraudulent financial advisors who prey on the weakness and tenuous financial situations of older people. These schemes can permanently damage a person’s ability to provide for themselves, or their loved ones, especially if their finances are drained or compromised. California law is set forth in Welfare and Institutions Code 15610.30. This law defines what elder financial abuse encompasses.

Statistics suggest that over one-half million older people have suffered abuse or neglect in their household, including a nursing home or long-term care facility, in a one-year period. At the Evans Law Group, Inc., a Bay Area and elder abuse law firm that practices in Marin County, as well as other Bay Area counties, our attorneys are familiar with a wide range of abuse cases, and represent older Californians and their loved ones who have suffered abuse at the hands of a caretaker, a nursing home administration, another family member, or a financial advisor. We want to protect you from all kinds of harm, and make sure that instances of abuse are discovered, and abusers are held accountable for their actions.

Combating Abuse in California

In order to protect older residents in the state, California has implemented several laws designed to prevent elder abuse, and provide adequate punishments in cases involving any mistreatment or abuse of an older person. Under these laws, Marin County elder abuse law firms are able to more accurately file lawsuits that target the abuser, and aim to remove the offenders from their positions as caretakers or advisors, and protect the community as a whole. Elderly victims of abuse, and concerned family members, can report neglect or abuse in a nursing home by getting in touch with the state attorney general’s office, or hiring private representation.

If you have regular contact with an older family member in a nursing home or hospital, or who lives with a full-time or part-time caretaker, pay close attention to the living situation, and learn to recognize potential signs of abuse or mistreatment. If you suspect that someone you know is being abused in any way, contact the Evans Law Firm, Inc., to speak to an elder abuse attorney about your case, and discover how best to take action. Call today at 415-441-8669 for a consultation.

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