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California Personal Injury Attorney Discusses the Hidden Dangers of Talcum Powder

For decades, Johnson & Johnson sold trademarked talcum powder products, including baby powder and a product called Shower to Shower, which was targeted towards women. Johnson & Johnson (J&J) urged women to use the product as a feminine hygiene product, with advertisements suggesting that the body perspires in more places than the underarms and suggesting “a sprinkle a day” to fight odor. Based on the ads and the way in which J&J intended the product for use, many women made sprinkling the powder in their underwear, on their genitals and on sanitary napkins a part of their routine.

Unfortunately, it has now been discovered that talcum powder is linked to an increased risk of ovarian cancer if used repeatedly. Worse even than this unexpected risk is the fact that allegations have been raised that Johnson & Johnson knew of the dangers and hid them from the public while continuing to market the product anyway.

Women who have become sick or are at an increased risk of ovarian cancer due to talc use have filed suit to hold Johnson & Johnson accountable. If you are one of the potential victims or if someone you love got cancer after using talc, you need to get legal help. A California personal injury attorney can assist you in determining if you may be able to make a claim to recover compensation.

Johnson & Johnson Sued for Hiding Talc Powder Risks

Johnson & Johnson marketed its product as being safe for daily use, which means many women applied talc thousands upon thousands of times. Talc became a staple of home medicine cabinets because it was marketed as natural and gentle, so many people also used the products on their babies.

Unfortunately, four decades of studies now reveal that repeated use causes a significant increased cancer risk. The first study to suggest a possible association between talc use and ovarian cancer dates back to 1971. A later study in the 1980s found that when women applied talc in the genital area, their risk of ovarian cancer increased as much as 92 percent. More than 20 other studies have confirmed the link and efforts began in the 1980s to try to get J&J to put a warning label on its products.

Because of the dangers, the U.S. National Toxicology Program classified talc as a carcinogen in 1991, and in 1992, J&J was asked to take its talc products off the market by the Cancer Prevention Coalition. The company did not heed the warnings., not even in 2006 when J&J’s main supplier began to give J&J warnings about talc risk.

Internal company memos dating back to at least 1997 show J&J knew of the risks but denied them, even bringing in cancer research experts to try to testify that talc did not cause cell mutations.  Continuing to deny responsibility and hide the risks put many more women in danger over decades, and now some of these women are seeking to hold Johnson & Johnson accountable.

Proving that a case of ovarian cancer is linked to talc use can be complicated, as can claims made by women who are concerned about their increased chances of getting sick. You need an experienced personal injury attorney in California on your side to help you make your case. Call today to speak with an attorney at the Evans Law Firm, Inc. who can provide the help you need in recovering compensation for harm from a company that may have intentionally misled you.

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