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Automobile Accidents

Although a few lucky drivers may be able to boast of never having been in an automobile accidents, the fact is that the majority of people who drive motor vehicles or ride as passengers will be involved in an automobile accidents at some time in their life, possibly multiple times. While many of these accidents are minor, many others result in serious injury or death. Automobile accidents can change lives in an instant and devastate victims and their families. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, or a loved one has been killed as a result of an automobile accident, you should contact an automobile accident attorney as soon as possible. At the The Evans Law Firm, our experienced automobile accident attorney will fully investigate your accident and explore every possible avenue of recovery against those responsible for your injuries.

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Common Causes Of Automobile Accidents

There are many different circumstances that can lead to an automobile accident. A few of the most common causes may include any of the following:

  • Driver negligence or recklessness: most automobile accidents are caused by negligent or reckless driving. Examples include speeding, distraction (such as using cell phones, texting, adjusting car controls or stereo, personal grooming while driving, etc.), driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failure to exercise due care, or any violation of California’s motor vehicle code.Inclement weather: although driving in bad weather can be hazardous, few automobile accidents are unavoidable. Most collisions in adverse weather occur because the driver fails to operate his or her motor vehicle safely under the conditions.

    Defective automobile components: many automobile accidents occur due to a defect in an automobile (resulting in a products liability lawsuit). Defects in design or in the manufacturing process could case certain components of a motor vehicle to fail, such as brakes, tires, steering systems, seatbelts, door locks, etc. Some product defects may cause the automobile to have an increased risk of rollover or explosion upon impact.

    Hazardous roads: roads may be so poorly designed that they increase the risk of automobile accidents. Examples include blind corners, inadequate pavement markings, lack of warning signs, etc. Improperly maintained roads can also lead to accidents, such as potholes or failure to remove debris, snow or ice.

Determining Fault on an Automobile Accidents

In an automobile accident case, the most important legal factor is determining who is liable. The injured party (plaintiff) must show that the person who caused the accident (defendant) was negligent. This can be proven if the defendant violated the California Motor Vehicle Code and that the violation was a cause of the accident. Liability can also be shown if the defendant’s actions fell below the standard of care (how a reasonable person operating a motor vehicle would act under the same circumstances). At trial, the plaintiff must prove that:

  • the defendant failed to use a reasonable degree of care in operating his or her motor vehicle; andthe defendant’s negligence was the cause in fact of the plaintiff’s injuries and damages.

In addition to determining liability, California has adopted a rule of damages called “pure comparative negligence.” This legal doctrine provides that if a plaintiff is partially responsible for causing his or her own injuries, then the amount of damages will be reduced by the percentage of the plaintiff’s own fault. For example, if a driver was 80 percent at fault for causing an automobile accident by running a stoplight and the injured plaintiff was 20 percent at fault for speeding, the plaintiff’s final award of damages would be reduced by 20 percent.

California Automobile Accident Attorney

Contact our automobile accident attorney for a free and confidential consultation

If you or a loved one has been injured, or you have lost a family member in a fatal automobile accident, contact our automobile accident attorneys immediately. Under California law, you may be able to recover compensation for such things as current and future medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, property damage, costs for rehabilitation and physical therapy, and other possible damages. It is important that you retain an automobile accident attorney that regularly handles automobile accident injury claims. The experienced automobile accident attorney at the The Evans Law Firm can provide you with the help you need. Call us today for a free case evaluation on your automobile accidents.

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