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Marin County Bank Fraud Attorneys

Bank fraud affects all consumers, no matter how much money you have in your checking account. Often, when a person has fraudulent charges on their account, it indicates a much bigger problem—someone has access to your personal information. They could be using your secure information to not only drain your bank account, but also to make trades in your name, open up credit cards, bounce checks, and ultimately ruin your financial reputation. And once ruined, it takes years and years to build up good credit again, even if the fault was not your own.

At the Evans Law Firm, our Marin County bank fraud attorneys care about you, not the size of your bank account or your diverse portfolio. We want to make sure that you have options, whether you need to recover stolen funds, take action against your bank for fraudulent mishandling of your assets, or regain control of your financial profile. We have experience handling all manner of bank fraud cases with all types of perpetrators—your financial advisor or banker, an outside scam, or close friend or family member.

Credit Card Bank Fraud

Credit card companies can hit their clients with adjustments, misrepresentations, and charges, all of which may be minor, but could add up to major trouble for you. Their tactics to bilk you out of money and rack up your bill may include any combination of the following common fraud occurrences:

  • Undisclosed or hidden fees – Companies may conceal fees for maintaining a balance on your card, transferring a balance, account maintenance, cash advances, etc., by failing to disclose the fees to a client up front.
  • Misrepresented APR – Companies can misrepresent the annual percentage rate (APR) they will charge card holders for maintaining a balance, or for balances that are transferred over from other cards or accounts.
  • Unauthorized charges – Customers may be charged unexpected fees or penalties for “add on” products such as payment protection plans, without their knowledge or authorization.
  • Bait-and-switch – In a bait-and-switch scheme, a vendor lures in consumers with false advertising—no fees, high credit limits, low APRs, etc., but then does not deliver on these promises once the consumer has signed a contract.
  • Double charging
  • Late fees – Credit card companies can deliberately set due dates on non-business days, and process payments the following business days, causing consumers to rack up exorbitant late fees and penalties.
  • Posting payments late – Companies sometimes fail to post payments made before the due date in a timely manner, resulting in late fees charged to the client, even though he paid on time.

Individual consumers and small businesses are at risk for bank fraud committed both by outside scammers and by the credit card companies themselves. In both instances, it is crucial to retain the services of a skilled Marin County bank fraud attorney to protect yourself and your financial reputation.

At the Evans Law Firm, Inc., our bank fraud attorneys in Marin County represent anyone who has been financially compromised due to fraudulent transactions on their credit cards, unauthorized bank activity, or other bank fraud scams. If you need legal representation to recover your financial stability and hold those responsible accountable, contact an Evans Law Firm attorney for a consultation today at 415-441-8669.

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