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California IRS Whistleblower and Bank Fraud Lawyers

Tax Fraud & Banking Fraud

Fraud is tough to identify. Most consumers realize they have been victims of fraud only after they have lost a substantial amount of money. The attorneys at Evans Law Firm Inc. can help consumers report tax fraud with the IRS as well as take legal action on behalf of consumers who have experienced bank fraud.

  • Bank Fraud: Bank fraud is the use of illegal measures to gain money or assets in a financial institution. Investment advisors, bank employees and seemingly friendly people commit bank fraud.
  • Tax Fraud: Tax fraud is committed when a person or entity knowingly violates their legal duty to file taxes. 

The California bank fraud attorneys at Evans Law Firm, Inc. can help you take legal action against those who have committed bank fraud and affected your financial status. In addition, a California IRS whistleblower lawyer at our firm can help you blow the whistle on a company or person who is practicing tax fraud.

Blowing the Whistle on Tax Fraud

In IRS whistleblower cases the attorney you choose matters. Depending on the information you share, you can be entitled to up to 30 percent of the fees collected by the IRS as a result of your assistance. Whistleblower cases are often highly technical and complex.

If you are thinking about blowing the whistle, act sooner rather than later.  A California IRS whistleblower lawyer at Evans Law Firm, Inc. can help determine if your case qualifies for a whistleblower award and take the legal action necessary to ensure your best interests are represented.

The strongest tax fraud whistleblower cases involve a person who has inside access to documents that prove tax fraud is taking place. Once you decide to report the fraud, you should immediately consult an experienced California IRS whistleblower lawyer because only the first person to report a case is eligible for the reward.

Legal Action After Bank Fraud

In the era of the Internet, bank fraud is more prevalent than ever. Every year fraudsters get more creative—learning ways to convince people to give up their confidential financial information, or to steal it by means of fraudulent checks, identity theft and forged documents.

A heightened sense of awareness is the only thing that can help you prevent bank fraud. As experienced California bank fraud attorneys, Evans Law Firm, Inc. advises that you should always be keenly aware when dealing with financial institutions, investment advisors and your bills, credit cards and checks.  Your money is your biggest material asset, so you should do all you can to protect it.

If you look at your statements and notice charges that you did not make, you should report it to your bank immediately. If you believe your investment advisor has suggested investments that are contrary to your financial goals, you should contact the California bank fraud attorneys at Evans Law Firm, Inc. for guidance.

Get a Free Consultation Today

Let our firms help. Whether you are reporting tax fraud or bank fraud, our attorneys can guide you through the legal process in order to seek justice, secure a whistleblower award, or take action against the fraudsters who illegally assessed your financial information. Schedule a free consultation with Evans Law Firm, Inc. today.


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