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Marin County Elder Abuse Attorney: Elder Abuse


Elder Abuse: The Silent Killer

Elder Abuse

It is estimated that just about 1 in 10 elders experience abuse of some sort, whether it be financial, emotional, physical, sexual, or other. More shockingly, however, about 90% of the elderly victims personally know their abuser. Studies and numbers show that a wide majority of the abusers are actually family members, like sons and daughters. That’s a painful dose of reality. As experienced elder abuse lawyers, we at Evans Law Firm have handled all manner of elder abuse cases with all manner of victims and perpetrators. If you or someone you know has been the victim of elder abuse, call Evans Law Firm, Inc. today at 415-441-8669. We represent elder abuse victims in the State of California.

Elder abuse very often goes unreported in part because of the prevalence of family relationships on both sides of these cases. Other explanations could point toward another terrifying reality, which is that sometimes elders do not even know that they are being abused or, as a result of cognitive impairment, quickly forget an incident of abuse entirely. Incidents from petty theft to horrible acts of physical abuse are simply lost in the mental fog of these most vulnerable people.

No matter the explanation, our elders are being abused at very high and serious rates. It is up to us to protect our elderly. If you or someone you know is being abused, come forward today. Call law enforcement and also reach out to experienced lawyers such as the elder abuse attorneys at Evans Law Firm who can help you recover for injury. California law affords a number of remedies for seniors who have been the victims of any kind of elder abuse. All too often, wrongful acts such as elder abuse go unreported and unpunished, and we as a society should not stand for that.

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